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Sold Secure Approved Steel Chain 10mm Case Hardened Square Link Chain (Flexible Sleeve)

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STE-1015S In Stock
Nylon sleeve, hacksaw & boltcutter resistant (Sold Secure). Size 10mm (link) x 1500mm (length).

High security steel chain, Sold Secure approved. Flexible nylon sleeve and weather resistant. Sold Secure test requirements include; Drilling (resist drilling for at least 5 minutes and chain must be hand drilled at the weakest point). Torque attack (resist attack for at least 5 minutes and the maximum torque used 400Nm. Pull attack (chain shall resist attack using slide hammer). Cutting (resist attack for no less than 5 minutes. Maximum saw load 20N and maximum number of strokes shall be 60. A Tungsten carbide tipped saw blade will always be used for this test). Bolt cropper (resist attack using manually operated bolt croppers with an arm length of up to 1.070m). Freezing (frozen to -40 degees centigrade and then should withstand a 5 minute attack with a hammer).
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Length (m)1.5
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