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Miscellaneous Accessories

Goggles and lock lubricant.
Catalogue Index:  Index  Keycutting Accessories
SKS-NKC027 Electronic Vernier Calipers - Measures Internal/External Diameters 150mm NKC027
CEK-NKC008 Letter punches (A to Z), ideal for stamping keys & discs.
CEK-NKC007 Number punches (0 to 9), ideal for stamping keys & discs.
CEK-NKC022 The recommended lock lubricant. tub with nozzle applicator.
ABU-PS88 Protects, cleans, drives out humidity, prevents icing up and corrosion.PS88
HD-NKC025 Zinc hooks, length 2". For use with peg board. NKC025
HD-NKC019 Zinc hooks, length 4". For use with peg board. NKC019
HD-NKC023 Brass hooks, length 2". Threaded screw in for wooden boards. NKC023
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