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Church Keys

Malleable iron keys suitable for old fashioned church type locks. These keys require cutting by hand.
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KOS-MALL-10 Overall length 112mm, gauge 8.3mm, bit width 19mm, warded.
KOS-MALL-100 Overall length 133mm, gauge 9.5mm, bit width 19.8mm,warded.
KOS-MALL-1000 Overall length 113mm, gauge 7.9mm, bit width 17.5mm, warded.
KOS-MALL-101 Overall length 135mm, gauge 9.5mm, bit width 23mm, warded.
KOS-MALL-102 Overall length 136mm, gauge 10.3mm, bit width 23.8mm, warded.
KOS-MALL-17 Overall length 175mm, gauge 11.1mm, bit width 24mm, warded.
KOS-MALL-2 Overall length 137mm, gauge 12mm, bit width 25mm.
KOS-MALL-23L Overall length 178mm, gauge 11.9mm, bit width 30.2mm.
KOS-MALL-23S Overall length 170mm, gauge 9.5mm, bit width 31mm.
KOS-MALL-28 Overall length 90mm, gauge 8.3mm, bit width 18.5mm.
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