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Patterned Keys

These keys will brighten up any keyring! Eye catching designs.
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From your favourite pet to the king of the jungle!
A selection of fancy cylinder keys that are adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals
A selection of Guitar shaped keys for music lovers and spaceship and Light Sabres for the Sci-Fi fans!
Favourite characters and celebrities.
A vibrant range of patterns. Supplied at random but with a much larger range of applications.
Colourful flags.
Never lose your keys in the dark again!
Transform your existing key with these stick on key heads available in various designs.
Favourite football club colours, official Fifa world cup keys and your favourite sporting events.
A unique fashion accessory. A key for every outfit!
From flowers to horror to smiley faces, a key to suit any occasion!
Fed up with heavy bunches of keys? Ultralite are made of a titanium alloy making them lightweight and hardwearing.
Stunning range of zodiac star sign keys. Background colour details air, water, earth or fire. Also features Zodiac sign and name.
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