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Central Locking Remotes

A wide range of central locking remotes.
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FOR-NWKS5 Aftermarket Ford. Separate remote fob. NWKS5
AUD-AKRM74 Megamos Crypto 48 (in blade). 3 button ound. AKRM74
AUD-AKRM1 Aftermarket Audi remote. Megamos Crypto 48. 3 button round with flip. AKRM1
AUD-AKRM2 Aftermarket Audi - Megamos Crypto 48 (in blade). 2 button round. AKRM2
CTN-NWKS21 Citroen remote to suit Synergie, Xsara. Pre 1998. (NWKS21-AKRM5)
CTN-NWKS51 Genuine Citroen. Philips Crypto PH/CR2 46 (with VA2 blade).NWKS51/NWKS119
CTN-NWKS47 Genuine Citroen. Texas Crypto TX/CR 4D 70 (VA2). NWKS47
CTN-NWKS54 Genuine Citroen. Philips Crypto PH/CR2 46 (SX9) with BSI. NWKS54/NWKS114
CTN-NWKS49 Genuine Citroen. Philips Crypto PH/CR2 46 (VA2). NWKS49
CTN-NWKS56 Genuine Peugeot. Philips PH 33 (SX9). NWKS56
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